Saumon-Rhin - Association for the Protection of Migratory Fish

To restore, to monitor, to manage and to raise awareness are the main objectives of the Association Saumon Rhin (association for the protection of migratory fish).

It reintroduces the populations of migratory fish in the Rhine basin and then carries out the monitoring of their evolution in their natural environment. In parallel, campaigns are launched to make people aware of the need to safeguard vulnerable species of the streams.

To sum up, the association contributes to the ecological conquest of the Rhine through the return of species of fish such as the salmon, which is a symbol of the quality and good health of the watercourses.

Founded in 1992, the association gathers 7 structures: the fishing federations 67, 68, 57 and 88 (numbers which correspond to four French departments), the Conservatoire des Sites Alsaciens (the Conservatory of Sites of Alsace), Alsace Nature and the Union des AAPPMA de Strasbourg (the Union of the ‘Approved Associations for Fishing and for the Protection of Aquatic Environment’ of Strasbourg).


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