Local Transborder Cooperation Grouping

The Groupement Local de Coopération Transfrontalière (Local Transborder Cooperation Grouping), abbreviated to GLCT, "Centre Hardt-Rhin Supérieur" ("Hardt-Upper Rhine Centre"), was created in october 22, 1998 by order of the prefect. After the building of a bridge across the Rhine, between Fessenheim and Hartheim, inaugurated in 2006, the GLCT was free to put its policy into practice, which is to say : establishing a cross-border cooperation between the member communes via supporting cooperative territory planning, setting up a network for leisure and tourism infrastructures, promoting bilingualism, and developping mutual aid and assistance. Half of the GLCT's members communes are part of the community of communes called "Essor du Rhin" (composed of the communes of Blodelsheim, Fessenheim, Hirtzfelden, Munchhouse, Roggenhouse, Rummersheim and Rustenhart) and the other half are German communes like Bad Krozingen, Eschbach, Hartheim, Heitersheim, Staufen and the GewerbePark Breisgau.

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